At MENGIA S.A. we undertake the maintenance and repair of Plate Heat Exchangers for industrial plants and ship engine rooms.

Due to the stress to which the heat exchangers are subjected during their operation, from the extreme conditions and temperatures, it is very important that they are thoroughly maintained under the supervision of an experienced engineer…

At MENGIA, we have qualified partners who will undertake the control and execution of the alternator maintenance, following procedures that include the following stages: 

  1. Comprehensive inspection of the external condition of the heat exchanger, and assessment of wear and apparent damage in the entire system.
  2. Disassembly and assessment of wear of the internal parts (Metal Plates and Sealing Rubber).
  3. Cleaning of metal plates to remove dirt, rust and/or chemical residues, using the approved method for each case.
  4. If required, replacement of exchanger parts (Plates and/or Gaskets) with fully compatible and quality spare parts recommended by the manufacturer. 
  5. Assembly by experienced qualified engineer, due to the specificity and requirements of the process.
  6. Thorough technical check carried out by operating the exchanger under real conditions of pressure and temperatures, and delivery to the site where it will be installed.
  7. Optionally, our company undertakes the process of installation of the exchanger and its connection to the supply network in which it will operate.


In addition, our company can supply you with spare parts for plate heat exchangers of all manufacturers and with the quality guarantee that accompanies all our products.

Our customer's benefits...


All Products & Services provided by our company, are accompanied by certifications and guarantees, issued by the largest Quality Certification Institutions. So you can be certain about your choice and maintain your peace of mind until the next service of your valuable equipment …


Our staff is always standing by for providing help and consults our customers for any technical issue that might trouble you, either it’s an item specifications-related issue, installation issue, or even complicated engineering questions you might have about products that interests you…


MENGIA S.A. by using its well-organized sales and distribution network along with its experience in the local and global markets can assure our customers that they will get service and technical support On-Site, in  any region of the country, if this is required…